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Irish Road Signs

We have have detailed road signs that you will come across below and included here links to our Driving in Ireland pages which will provide all of the information you need to drive in Ireland.

Many of our road signs are similar to those found in Central Europe and The USA, with a few exceptions. You must know what traffic signs and road marking mean before you attempt to drive on Ireland’s road.

Regulatory traffic signs show the course a driver must follow and an action they are required to take or forbidden to take. Regulatory signs are mostly circular and have a red border and black symbols or letters on a white background. Mandatory regulatory signs that indicate the direction traffic must take at junctions are blue and white.

In Ireland, the "Give Way" sign (a downward pointing triangle) reads Yield or Géill Slí in Irish-speaking regions.

Warning Traffic Signs are used to warn road users of a hazard ahead. The signs are diamond shaped and have a black border with black symbols or letters on a yellow background.

Road Signs in Ireland
RSA Motorway Driving booklet
Rules of the road