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Ireland Warning Traffic Signs

The most common Irish warning signals are included below, along with links to our Driving in Ireland sections, which will give you information that you require to drive in Ireland.

Safety is our priority - please make it your priority also.

We have detailed the most common warning signs below and included here links to our Driving in Ireland pages which will provide all of the information you need to drive in Ireland. These are used to warn road users of a hazard ahead. The signs are diamond shaped and have a black border with black symbols or letters on a yellow background.

Free Ireland Warning Traffic Sign Guide

Warning Traffic Signs

Roundabout Sign


Warning Dangerous Corner sign

Dangerous Corner

Merge to single lane ahead

Merge Lanes Warning

One Way Traffic Sign

One Way

Two Way Traffic Sign

Two way traffic

Dangerous corner bends sign

Dangerous Corners

Warning danergous bend

Danergous bend ahead

Dangerous bends ahead

Series Bends Ahead

Junction Ahead Warning Signs

T-Junction Sign

T Junction

Y-Junction Sign

Y Junction

Crossroad Sign


Side Road Sign

Side Road

Staggered Crossroad Sign

Staggered Crossroads

Crossroads with a minor road

Crossroads with a minor road

Crossroad with dual carriageway

Crossway with Dual-Carriageway

Junction with dual carriageway

Junction with Dual-Carriageway

Crossroad with a major road

Crossroad with a major road

T-Junction at major road

T-Junction with a major road

Staggered Crossroad Equal Important

Staggered Crossroad equal important

T-Junction at a corner

Junction at corner

General Purpose Warning Signs

Traffic Lights Sign

Traffic Lights

Sharp Rise Ahead Sign

Sharp Rise Ahead

Series of sharp rises Sign

Series of sharp rises

Sharp Depression ahead

Sharp Depression ahead

Road Narrows Ahead Sign

Road Narrows Ahead

Unguarded Crossing

Unguarded Crossing

Guarded Crossing Sign

Guarded Crossing

Automatic Crossing

Automatic Crossing

Bridge Height Ahead

Bridge Height Ahead

Tunnel Ahead Sign

Tunnel Ahead

Crossinds Sign


Steep Decline Sign

Steep decline

Steep Incline Sign

Steep incline

Slippery Roads Sign

Slippery roads

Unprotected Quay Sign

Unprotected Quay

Falling Rocks Sign

Falling rocks

Trams Crossing Sign

Trams crossing

Wild Animals Sign

Wild animals