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Explaining Car Classes

Car Rental Car Classes

Irish Car Rentals vehicles uses The Association of Car Rental Industry System Standards (ACRISS) vehicle matrix and uses the SIPP code to identify features that the vehicle may have.

This is standard procedure used by car rental companies in Ireland such as Europcar,, Avis, Budget, Hertz, and National. This allows customers to understand and make determine on the right vehicle to rent by classifying cars. The four letter matrix provides 400 unique vehicle types. The codes are assigned by one letter from each category;

  • 1st letter defines the Vehicle Category
  • 2nd letter defines the Vehicle Type
  • 3rd letter defines the Vehicle Transmission
  • 4th letter defines the Vehicle Fuel Type & Air Conditioning

Class Examples


Compact, 4-5 Door, Manual Transmission, either Fuel/Diesel, Air Conditioning.


Economy, 4-5 Door, Automatic Transmission, either Fuel/Diesel, without Air Conditioning.


Intermediate, 4-5 Door, Manual Transmission, either Fuel/Diesel, Air Conditioning.


Standard Passenger Van, Manual Transmission, either Fuel/Diesel, Air Conditioning.

Class Index

1st letter (Category) 2nd letter (Type) 3rd letter (Transmission) 4th letter (Fuel & AC)
M - Mini B - 2/3 Door M - Manual Unspecifield Drive R - Unspecified Fuel/Power With Air
N - Mini Elite C - 2/4 Door N - Manual 4WD N - Unspecified Fuel/Power Without Air
E - Economy D - 4/5 Door C - Manual AWD D - Diesel Air
H - Economy Elite W - Wagon/Estate A - Auto Unspecified Drive Q - Diesel No Air
C - Compact V - Passenger Van B - Auto 4WD H - Hybrid Air
D - Compact Elite L - Limousine D - Auto AWD I - Hybrid No Air
I - Intermediate S - Sport   E - Electric Air
J - Intermediate Elite T - Convertible   C - Electric No Air
S - Standard F - SUV   L - LPG/Compressed Gas Air
R - Standard Elite J - Open Air All Terrain   S - LPG/Compressed Gas No Air
F - Fullsize X - Special   A - Hydrogen Air
G - Fullsize Elite

P - Pick Up Regular Cab

  B - Hydrogen No Air
P - Premium Q - Pick Up Extended Cab   M - Multi Fuel/Power Air
U - Premium Elite Z - Special Offer Car   F - Multi Fuel/Power Air
L - Luxury E - Coupe   V - Petrol Air
W - Luxury Elite M - Monospace   Z - Petrol No Air
O - Oversize R - Recreational Vehicle   U - Ethanol Air
X - Special H - Motor Home   X - Ethanol No Air
  Y - 2 Wheel Vehicle    
  N - Roadster    
  G - Crossover    
  K - Commercial Van/Truck    
Frequently asked questions

You will need your licence and a payment card for booking your rental online and for signing the rental agreement at the pick up desk.

We cannot accept any temporary licences, certificates or letters stating the driver has a licence if it is not present on collection. All drivers must have their physical licence present on arrival for a vehicle to be released.

At the commencement of rental, drivers must meet the requirement for licence eligibility. If the number of years is 8, this does not mean that the driver must have held their licence for 8 years - it means they must have been eligible to hold their licence for 8 years.

At the time of pick up, the person renting the car must be present to sign the rental agreement and provide their debit or credit card.

Additional drivers must be present at time of pick up and must fulfil the same age/licence criteria as the principal driver.

Bookings made through can be amended on Manage Bookings.

Yes. At Irish Car Rentals, we have one of the biggest and most modern fleets in Ireland for business.

You can choose from passenger vehicles, commercial or speciality vehicles – all of which can be customised internally or externally if required and delivered to you anywhere in Ireland.

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