skellig michael on the west coast of ireland featured in star wars
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Visiting Skellig Michael | Star Wars locations

Discover the Skellig Michael islands on your coastal drive of the wild atlantic way in the West of Ireland

The Skellig Islands

The Skellig Islands duo is located offshore of the County Kerry’s Iveragh Peninsula and also along the Wild Alantic Way. In antiquity, they were known as the Skellocks or Sceilg Mhichíl in Irish, and today they are on the UNESCO World Heritage site. The islands lie about 8 miles off the coast of Portmagee in South West Kerry, and they rise to an abrupt 218 metres above sea level. Rough atlantic ocean and craggy terrains make this a less-than-inviting place to call home. But that very inhospitableness is what attracted the aesthetic monks of old. They came here to seek a bloodless sort of martyrdom that involved utter self denial without actual death.     

Skellig Michael - The Great Skellig

Skellig Michael is the main star of the two islands, only accessable by a boat trip, visitors have to cross over rough waters to get to this island. At the top of the rock are the remains of the early Christian monastic community. They huddle in a saddle between two peaks and can be reached by a steep climb up 600 stairs cleaved from the stone and the beehive huts are also carved from stone. These monks didn’t leave us much in the way of written history. However, the Irish annals suggest that many of those who sought ‘white martyrdom’ here actually met the blood-red variety during a series of 9th-century Viking raids.

Star Wars fiming locations

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi filming locations on Skellig Michael, doubling as Luke Skywalker’s hide-out island. 

Other filming locations in Ireland; Loop Head, the Dingle Peninsula and Brow Head near Crookhaven.

Little Skellig

The adjacent Small Skellig is much closer to sea level than its neighbour. Visitors aren’t permitted to land on it, largely because it’s already flat-out with residents. A group of 40,000 gannets constitutes the second-largest gannet breeding colony in the world. You’ll also spot a few seals basking on the rocks.

How to visit the Skellig Islands

Portmagee is a villiage located in County Kerry, an hour or so drive away from Killarney National Park. As Skellig islands are only accessible by boat from Portmagee marina, it is advisable to to book in advance and check with the boat providers for weather updates. The boat journey takes approximately 45mins each way. Skellig Island experience tour boats also circle the Little Skellig island to view the bird colony and seals.           

Visit The Skellig Experience visitors centre for more information, history and some wonderful photography captures.

Driving Itineraries

Ring of Kerry Drive

Portmagee is just off the Ring of Kerry, an 179km driving route passing through spectacular landscape and exquisite views. As the road narrows in places, traditionally tour buses take the southward route out of Killarney and head around the circuit in an anti-clockwise direction. View detailed itinerary.

Skellig Ring Drive

Skellig Ring where you get breath-taking clifftop views of Skellig Michael. The Skellig Ring Drive is a small section south of the Ring of Kerry drive with beautiful views. View detailed itinerary.

Skellig Islands Puffin birds
Puffins on Skellig Islands by Maureen Skellig Islands
High view of Skellig Islands by Don Richards Skellig island view
Unique view of Skellig Islands by Maureen
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