Speciality Van Rental

Speciality Van Rental in Ireland

Speciality vans such as the Ford Transit Tipper have been widely used by businesses across Ireland as they offer unique features which set them apart from standard vans, such as loading functions, payload capacity and improved accessibility. These vans help many businesses to complete their day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively.

At Irish Car Rentals, we supply an extensive range of speciality van rental options throughout our national branch network. We offer flexible and customised speciality van hire solutions, for a day, a week, or for a longer duration (up to 24 months). Whatever your business needs are, we are here to help.

Ford Transit Tipper Van

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With Irish Car Rentals you can rely on:

1. Total Flexibility

Irish Car Rentals gives you the flexibility to change your van type and fleet mix, as you need it or as your business requires. Not being tied to a restrictive contract, like car or van leasing, you have the flexibility to change your van fleet mix to suit you. We also won’t penalise you for any early vehicle returns.

2. Adjustable Fleet Size

At Irish Car Rentals, we understand that your vehicle requirements will change. You can increase or decrease your van fleet size depending on seasonality or unforeseen change.

3. Service & Maintenance Covered

We know how important cost management is. At Irish Car Rentals, we include all vehicle servicing and maintenance in our pricing, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. This also covers road tax.

Benefits of Renting with Irish Car Rentals:

✔ Rolling fixed rates – you only pay when you rent
✔ Adjust your van mix as your business needs
✔ Extensive nationwide network – we are always nearby
✔ One of the biggest fleets of cars and vans in Ireland
✔ Full van customisation available if required
✔ No hidden costs
✔ No long-term leasing contracts necessary
✔ Service and maintenance included
✔ Expert team of account managers

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