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Irish Road Maps and Resources

Irish Car Rentals will provide you with a free road map of Ireland when you collect your vehicle from us. We also now offer a Satellite Navigation (GPS) System to rent as a useful aid to touring Ireland. 

There are several online route planners for you to use as well. The best ones for Ireland are: 

Ireland Route Finder

The AA Route Planner

Should you wish to purchase a very detailed map before you travel we can recommend the following: The best roadmap of Ireland The Michelin (#923) Motoring Map of Ireland  is without doubt the best general map of the country. It covers the Island of Ireland to a scale of 1:400,000 (1cm = 4km).


Enlarged inset maps of Dublin and Belfast 
Scenic routes highlighted in green 
Location of tourist sights clearly shown 
Place names in both Irish and English language 
Map key in English, Irish, French and German 
Index of towns with map co-ordinates 
Height limits for low bridges (under 5m) 
Weight limits for bridges etc. (under 16T) 
Panoramic viewing points 
Airports and airfields 
Ferry routes 
Youth hostels 

The map is on sale at all Irish Airports (Tourist Office shops and newspaper /gift stores), or can be ordered through any major bookstore internationally. 2061004695

Ordering Information:

ISBN 2-06-100469-5. Publisher: Michelin Tyre Company, Services de Tourisme, 46 Avenue de Breteuil, FR - 75324 PARIS CEDEX 07 Tel +33 1 45 66 12 34 Fax +331 45 66 11 63 Title: Motoring Map Ireland #923 edition 2003. Note: While the 2004 edition of the map is available, it contains errors (eg parts of the E20 motorway which were more or less correctly represented in the 2003 edition are missing in the 2004 document!)

Ordnance Survey: The Complete Road Atlas of Ireland (1:210,000)

This is a 107 page spiral bound atlas published in 2004 by OSI and their Northern Ireland counterparts. Unfortunately the depiction of controlled access divided highway interchanges and junctions is very poor. It is generally impossible to tell whether a junction is a full or half junction and which manoeuvres are possible. Only N and R road numbers are shown (no indication of E or C road numbers). The city maps are devoid of road detail, car park information or other POIs. ISBN 1-903974-70-4

Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Discovery Series

Ireland is covered by 89 Ordnance Survey sheets at this scale. They have been compiled from 1:30,000 scale IGN aerial photography flown in 1973, and most maps in the series are up to date as of 1995. The information was collected digitally and compiled into a structured vector database. The detail provided includes walks (marked and unmarked), golf courses, churches, Post Offices, airports, police stations, telecommunications masts, high voltage electricity transmission lines, power stations, scenic viewing points, An Taisce (National Trust) heritage property, Public telephones, picnic sites, youth hostels, camping sites, nature reserves, tourist information points, woodlands, geographic boundaries, historic sites, canals, lakes, beaches, high water marks, lighthouses, railways, stations, boating marinas, etc. The maps are published in Irish, English, French and German. Selected areas of the country are also available at 1:25,000 scale.

Ordering Information:

ISBN: Varies by sheet (publisher ID: 0-904996) Publisher: Ordnance Survey, Phoenix Park, IE - Dublin 8. Tel +353 1 820 6439 Fax +353 1 822 0979 Title: Ordnance Survey Discovery Series maps of Ireland.

Best Dublin City Street Atlas

The Ordnance Survey Dublin Street guide provides an up to date street atlas of the Dublin metro area to a scale of 1:15,000, with enlarged downtown area plans at a 1:10,000 scale. The publication includes a street index, public transportation maps, and a pictorial guide to tourist sights in the area. The area covered stretches from Swords and Malahide in the North to Bray in the South and Celbridge in the West.

Ordering Information:

ISBN: 0-904996-16-6 Publisher: Ordnance Survey, Phoenix Park, IE - Dublin 8. Tel +353 1 820 6439 Fax +353 1 822 0979 Title: Ordnance Survey Dublin Street Guide.

Cork City Street Atlas

The Ordnance Survey Cork City and District Atlas (scale 1:10,000) 1998 edition provides detailed street maps, a street index, information on tourist sights and history of the city. Downtown map showing one-way streets to 1:5,000 scale.

Ordering Information: ISBN: 0-901496-02-3 Publisher: Ordnance Survey, Phoenix Park, IE - Dublin 8. Tel +353 1 820 6439 Fax +353 1 822 0979 Title: Cork City and District Atlas.

Safe Driving:

Please take care, especially at junctions, we want you to enjoy your Irish Car Rentals experience as much as possible. If this is your first time to experience driving on the left hand side of the road take some time to acclimatise yourself. Our staff are always willing to assist you when you collect the vehicle, if you require further information please contact us. .

On these pages we have detailed a quick guide for you to help you get acquainted before you arrive, please use the quick links on the left or scroll down the page for more information.

Safety is our priority - please make it your priority also.

Irish Car Rentals will make every effort to assist you in having a pleasant and safe driving experience. It is our priority to provide safe road worthy vehicles for your stay in Ireland. We ask all our clients to drive carefully on our roads which are very often narrow. The number of cars has increased on Irish roads in the last few years and it is now more important than ever that all drivers abide by the rules of the road and take great care when driving.


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