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Dublin Airport Terminal 1 & 2

Dublin Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has been continuously expanded to cope with passenger numbers and today, despite being busy during peak times, is well able to cope with the demands on its services.

Terminal 1’s facilities: The Loop is the main retail hub in this terminal, and it offers its trademark ‘shop-and-collect’ service to passengers on the move. Restaurants are scattered throughout The Loop, with an additional concentration above the departures floor at the Mezzanine Food Court. Dublin airport information desk are available at locations throughout the airport and on the arrivals level.

After you land, passengers pass through Passport Control before continuing to the luggage reclaim area. Depending on where you land at Dublin Airport be prepared for a walk of up to 10 minutes to the baggage reclaims area. The baggage reclaims hall is equipped with 9 baggage belts, each well signposted with details of where your baggage should be reclaimed from. After reclaiming your luggage, passengers travel through customs and into the main arrivals hall.

Upon exiting customs, simply turn to the right and continue to the Terminal 1 Dublin Airport's car rental area. There you will see the majority of car rental companies; Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise and so on.

Dublin Airport Map

After arriving at the car hire desk, our friendly team of staff will be standing by and ready to help you get on the road as quickly as possible. You will be transported by shuttle bus to our nearby car hire depot where your car will be ready.


Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport is home to most short haul flight with an exception of Aer Lingus airline that flies from Terminal 2. Ryanair deals with the majority of flight departures and arrivals of T1.

Here are some of the following airlines that operate year-round service from Terminal 1;

  • Air France flies to Paris and London.
  • Blue Air flies to Bucharest.
  • British Airways services London-Heathrow routes.
  • Flybe connects to Donegal, Exeter, and Southampton.
  • Iberia Express flies to Madrid.
  • Lufthansa connects to Frankfurt and seasonally to Munich.
  • Ryanair handles the majority of flights in and out of Dublin Airport terminal 1.

    Ryanair contact details
    Telephone: 1520 444 004
    Live Chat: Click here
    Address: Dublin Airport Terminal 1.

  • Swiss International Air Lines to Zurich
  • Turkish Airlines operates one of the longer short-haul flights to Istanbul.

Please note that this is an informational guide. You should always check directly with Dublin Airport website or with your airline.

Dublin Airport terminal 1 : a picture of Ryanair plane

From United Kingdom

Those flying from the UK through the following airports; Gatwick Airport, London Heathrow airport, London Stansted or London City airport will mostly be arriving at Terminal 1 with Ryanair, British Airways and CityJet airlines.


You will find a range of airport services and facilities catered for all passengers at Terminal 1.
Check in desks, foreign currency exchange, Internet access, left luggage, lost property, baby changing facilities and religious facilities. The Loop covers a wide choice of dining options & shops on both sides of security.


The public bus links to Dublin Airport are in general very comprehensive with both Dublin and nationwide routes on offer. The bus services are located outside the main arrivals hall where information on routes, costs, and timetables are all present. Unlimited taxis service outside the airport and a choice of Dublin Airport car rental companies from Terminal 1. Irish Car Rentals shares a desk with Europcar and provides inclusive car hire service in Dublin Airport Terminal 1 and 2. The vehicles are supplied by Europcar.

Dublin Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 opened in 2010. The following airlines; Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Delta, Emirates, Etihad Airways, United and US Airways operates at this terminal.

After landing, passengers will pass through the Passport Control before continuing to the luggage reclaims area. The blue channel is set aside for passengers travelling within the EU. Proceed to the red checkpoint if you have something to declare. The green channel is for inbound travellers who need to be stamped in but don’t have anything to declare to customs. Adjacent to the green channel is a red point for customs declaration.

After exiting customs and entering the arrivals, turn to your right hand side and proceed to the Irish Car Rentals/Europcar desk to pick up car rental.

Irish Car Rentals has a wide range of automobiles to rent ranging from large or premium to small or economy cars. We offer both manual and automatic transmissions to suit your driving preference. We’re sure we have one to suit your budget.


Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport is a home to Aer Lingus airline carrier catering both short haul and long haul flights, covering all over Europe and North America. You will recognise US airline carriers that depart from Terminal 2 also.

The following airlines that operate year-round service from Terminal 2;

  • Aer Lingus covers most Europe & North America routes.
  • American Airlines flies to New York & JFK (Opens June 2013)
  • Delta Air Lines flies to Atlanta, New York & JFK.
  • Emirates to Dubai
  • Etihad Airways covers Abu Dhabi
  • US Airways to Philadelphia

Currently Ryanair does not fly from Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport. Please visit Dublin Airport offical website for airlines in this terminal.

outside Dublin airport Terminal 2 building

From United Kingdom

Those flying from the UK through the following airports; Gatwick Airport or London Heathrow airport will be arriving at Terminal 2 with Aer Lingus airline.

From United States

All flights from America arrive through Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport. Those flying from the following cities;

  • New York - Aer Lingus / Delta Air Lines / American Airlines

  • Newark - United Airlines / Aer Lingus
  • Boston - Aer Lingus / Delta Air Lines
  • Chicago Aer Lingus / united Airlines / American Airlines

  • Terminal 2 is beside Terminal 1, and the two terminals are connected by a covered walkway.


    You will find a range of facilities catered for all passengers at Terminal 2
    Check in desks, foreign currency exchange, Internet access, left luggage, lost property, baby changing facilities and religious facilities. The Loop covers a wide choice of dining options & shops on both sides of security.

    US Preclearance Security:

    Ireland is the only country outside the Americans offering U.S. Customs and Immigration Preclearance. This unique feature allows those traveling from Ireland to the United States to complete all required inspections, paperwork, and formalities before they board their plane at Dublin Airport (DUB) or Shannon Airport (SNN).

    While Ireland previously offered pre-flight immigration checks, this upgraded services allows visitors to arrive at their U.S. destination, collect their bags, and leave the airport with no additional steps. As an added bonus, travelers with connecting flights in the U.S. are no longer required to collect their bags and present them for inspection before being permitted to board another flight.

    This is a welcome advantage to using Ireland as a gateway for entering the U.S. as it can save time and allow for more options when scheduling connecting flights.

    What Do I Need to Know About Pre-clearance

    * Firstly, passengers cannot opt out of Preclearance. If a flight is participating in the service, everyone onboard will go through the same Preclearance procedure.

    * If for any reason, a flight does not participate in Preclearance, passengers will be required to go through regular U.S. Customs and Immigration procedures when they land in the U.S.

    * Airline staff will provide passengers the necessary paperwork at check-in (which consists of a U.S. Customs Declaration Form

    * Airline staff at the check-in desks are well-versed in the process, so they are excellent resources to answer questions about the procedures and forms.

    * There tends to be a shortage of pens in the U.S. Preclearance area, so it is recommended that passengers bring their own and that they complete their forms before arriving at the U.S. Preclearance area.

    * Passengers must present themselves to U.S. Preclearance one hour before departure. This means passengers must allow enough time to clear check-in and airport security before arriving at Preclearance.

    * US-bound passengers will go through a second security screening, which includes passing through metal detectors and scans of carry-on luggage.

    * Upon completing the second security screening, US-bound passengers will proceed to the United States Customs and Immigration line where they will wait to be called by officials.

    * Agents will review passports, tickets, and other paperwork before stamping passports and Customs forms.

    * Non-U.S. citizens are required to provide biometric scans of their finger and/or retina.

    * After clearing Preclearance, passengers may proceed to their gate. Any passenger leaving the gate area will be required to repeat the entire Preclearance procedure.

    * Passengers do not declare items purchased after they have cleared Preclearance. This includes food or other items purchased in the gate area or in-flight.

Dublin airport live arrivals information

This is provided as a guide only. The flight information is provided with all airlines arriving at Dublin Airport with up to date information including status and expected time of arrivals. Departures live times can also be display, click on departures below

If you have any questions regarding cheap car rental Dublin terminal 1 or 2, please contact us.