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Cavan Petrol Stations

Renting a car in Cavan is a lot more convenient when the drop-off point is close to a filling station. Fortunately, there are two pumps on Dublin Road within convenient reach of Irish Car Rentals’ Cavan depot. When it comes time to return your rental car, refilling the tank only takes a few minutes.

The nearest filing station is Topaz station, which is on the same side of the road as Century Business Park. Across the road, there’s also a Texaco pump. If cars are queued and waiting at one station, odds are good that there will be room at the other.

Several other stations are located around town, this is an incomplete list of the most conveniently located petrol stations around Cavan:

Excol (at Argues Supermarket on Railway Road), Great Gas (near the cathedral), Oakvale Service Station (Farnham Road), Donohoe’s (near Royal School on Dublin Road), Campus (Cootehill Road) and Maxol (Ballinagh Road).

Consult Pumps.ie for a more complete list of petrol stations across County Cavan.

If you have any enquiries regarding car hire in Cavan, please do not hesitate to contact us.