Irish Car Rentals | Waive CDW and Theft

To waive CDW and Theft Protection

The main driver must be the holder of an eligible US issued World MasterCard OR Gold/Platinum Visa Card OR Canadian issued Gold/Platinum Visa/MasterCard which allows you to waive CDW and Theft Protection in Ireland.

YOU MUST HAVE a letter from your credit card company on arrival confirming you have the relevant coverage in the Republic of Ireland. Please note, you will be required to leave an excess of 5,000Euro. Drivers who arrive without a relevant card and letter, or those who do not have 5,000Euro available on their card, will be required to purchase our CDW and Theft Waiver at the local daily rate (Eur24-33). Relevant cards will only be accepted for coverage for a maximum of 28 days in any one calendar year. Letters must be dated within 21 days of your collection date.

Irish renters who wish to use their own fully comprehensive insurance must call us directly.

I confirm I meet the above requirements and accept these terms.