Car Rental Affiliate Programme FAQ

Affiliate FAQ

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Irish Car Rentals is based in North Dublin, Ireland and for the Internet Affiliate Programme technical support or help is available from Jamtopia, our internet website development company. If you are experiencing difficulties with the affiliate scripts, code or loading the script into your page please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get The Booking System On My Website

Step 1. You will be emailed a piece of HTML script when your affiliate account has been created, this script is forms part of our licensed application and is not to be modified in any way.

Step 2. To install this script on your website please follow the instructions below:

  • create a car hire page or modify an existing page to accommodate the script in your chosen editor. We recommend using notepad or another text editor such as Ultra Edit to modify your web page as some graphical editors have been known to corrupt the script during installation although this is not an issue and can be resolved by re editing (pasting) in notepad.

  • find the desired location where you wish the quote application to be shown (NB: The current sizing is '400' pixels by '220' pixels) and simply copy the script from the email into your web page using (ctrl + c) and (ctrl + v) or the right mouse button.

  • once completed simply publish the page to your web-server or hosted account and the application should appear instantly.

Who Should I Contact If I Am Having Problems Installing The Script

If you are having technical difficulties please contact Irish Car Rentals in the first instance for support on installing this product with "ICR Affiliate" in the subject line.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Issues Concerning My Account

Any issues regarding your affiliate account can be handled by contacting us.

Can I see how many bookings have been made against my account

Yes, you may login to our affiliate console once your account is created which provides details of bookings made against your account.

Can I Get Some Advertising Graphics

The only authorised advertising graphics are available from our download center in the affiliate console, details of how to login to your account will be provided once your account has been created.

Selling Car Rental

Once you have installed the script you will want to let as many of your website users view the page as possible. In order to ensure that your car hire page is visible we recommend that you link the page from some of the graphics we can supply you as well as from a standard website text link from your home (index) page.