Unwind with a Stout

You’ve landed at Dublin’s slick Terminal 2, transferred to your hotel and unloaded your gear. For many new arrivals, tucking into a pub and ordering a stout is one of the first orders of business. This is Ireland, after all, and you won’t find a better line-up of stouts anywhere else in the world.

Guinness Stout
The famous "black stuff". Photo credit by Stephen Edgar - Netweb

With that in mind, one of the first questions newcomers have when they arrive in Dublin is: “Where’s the Guinness?” Just to be clear, it’s everywhere – drawn by the pint in pubs all over Dublin. However, for the ultimate Guinness experience, nothing tops a trip to the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse. Perched high over the city, the bar offers 360-degree views of the Dublin and the distant Wicklow Mountains.

But Guinness is by no means the only stout in Dublin. You’ll find bars and pubs all over the city with Murphy’s, Beamish and a variety of Irish stouts on the menu. So if you’d like to do as the locals do, then have a seat at a local pub, order a stout and relax. This is Dublin living at its finest.

What is a stout?
As with any beer, an Irish stout is little more than malted barley, hops, yeast and water. However, the difference is in the malt itself. The barley used in stouts is roasted before its brewed, resulting in the trademark dark colours and rich, sometimes smoky flavour. The name itself refers to the strength of the brew. Most stouts ferment a bit longer than typical beers, and they have a higher alcohol content because of it.

Tip: If you’re ordering a round of drinks, be sure to order the stout first. After a stout has been pulled from the tap, it needs time to rest and settle before you drink it.

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