Bord Gais Energy Theatre at Grand Canal Dock

In a city with so many historic sites, a new building like the Bord Gais Energy Theatre stands out. It was designed by Daniel Libeskind (of New York fame) and opened in 2010 at the Grand Canal Dock.

The idea to build the theatre began in 1992 when the CEO of Live Nation, Mike Adamson, became interested in building a state-of-the-art performance centre. He was regularly approached by operas, dramas, musicals and ballets that were interested in performing but couldn’t find a proper venue. When it became obvious that local demand for the performance arts vastly outstripped Dublin’s capacity to host, the concept for the Bord Gais Energy Theatre was born.

General Post Office, Ireland
Bord Gais Modern design. Image credit: Miguel Mendez

The Russian State Ballet gave the inaugural performance – Swan Lake – in 2010, and a diverse line-up of performances followed. The theatre’s acoustics are phenomenal, and spectators are hard-pressed to find a bad seat in the house. This is, without a doubt, Dublin’s preferred venue for everything from rock ‘n’ roll concerts to dramatic performance.

The ultra-modern building is grandiose, with slanted lines that suggest that it’s slipping sideways into the Grand Canal. However, the interior is intimately arranged in a classic three-tier auditorium. It can accommodate just over 2,000 patrons.  

Planning a visit to Dublin? Check the Bord Gais Energy Theatre website for a list of upcoming events and performances or to purchase tickets.

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