Booking Terms and Conditions

Please note that the following terms and conditions of rental are basic conditions and are shown below for information purposes only. When you collect your rental vehicle you will be asked to sign the rental agreement. Our full terms and conditions are shown on the reverse of this document.


Age Policy: Drivers must be eligible to hold a drivers licence for 8 years at the commencement of rental to drive all vehicle groups except for group PDAR. Drivers must be eligible to hold a license for 11 years for group PDAR. Drivers over the age of 74 will need to provide a medical certificate which states that they are fit to drive and a letter from their insurance company stating that they are currently driving and have not had an accident within the last 5 years. This information must be received at least 5 working days in advance of your rental.

License Requirements: Drivers must produce a valid, full, unendorsed, driving licence at the commencement of rental that has been valid for at least 12 months prior to the rental pick up date (Note: certain minor endorsements may be accepted - please call us on +353 1 8441944 prior to booking). Only the renter or drivers that have been added to the rental agreement are permitted to drive the vehicle. Licences must be produced in person at the rental location on collection of the vehicle. The licence must be from your country of permanent residence.

Customers with a new UK Photocard Driving Licence must produce both the Photocard and its paper counterpart. Where the paper part is missing, our rental agent will be required to contact the DVLA to confirm that there are no endorsements on the license. Due to the time involved, we charge an administration fee of EUR11.35 for this service. Please note that the DVLA can only be contacted during their regular opening hours and we accept no liability for being unable to release a car to a customer in the event that the DVLA is uncontactable.

Holders of US, Canadian, Australian and all EU member states are NOT required to supply an International Driving Licence (IDL). An International Driving Licence (IDL) is required if your national driving licence is not in English or not in Roman script. International Driving Licences MUST BE accompanied by the original domestic licence of the driver (this is clearly stated on the international licence). An International licence presented without the domestic licence, will not be accepted.

Irish Law requires that drivers are in possession of their driving licence at all times. Please note that failure to inform us of endorsements on your licence will result in us being unable to provide you with a car and a forfeiture of any deposit taken.


Car Types Available: Irish Car Rentals operates a car rental fleet with many different makes and models of cars. Whilst every effort will be made to supply the reserved model, we reserve the right to supply a suitable alternative. If you have a particular request in relation to a car type, with CD Player or other accessories please contact us on +353 61 206088.

Fuel Policy: For your convenience, we are pleased to offer the following two fuel options:

Customers can choose our prepaid fuel option at the beginning of their rental at our special discounted rates. To avail of this option, the fuel tank MUST BE RETURNED EMPTY. No refunds will be given for unused fuel. Prices for this option are set locally.

Pay a deposit for a full tank of fuel when picking up the rental car at market rates and on return the renter has two options:
• Return with a full tank and the fuel deposit will be refunded automatically.
• Return the tank less than full and pay for any used fuel plus a Refill Service Charge.

Baby Seats: Child / Baby Seats are Mandatory in Ireland. Child Seats and Baby seats are available by prior notification at an additional cost of EURO 6.00 per day with a maximum charge per rental of EURO 42.00. Baby seats are NOT available for rental for children under 6 months old. NEW EU CHILD SAFETY PROTECTION LAWS HAVE COME INTO FORCE making it compulsory for all children to travel in the correct child seat, booster seat or booster cushion.

Notes: Where safety belts have been fitted they must be worn. Children under 3 years of age must not travel in a car or goods vehicle unless restrained in the correct child seat. Children aged 3 years or over who are under 150cms in height and weighing less than 36 kilograms (i.e. generally children up to 11/12 years old) must use the correct child seat, booster seat or booster cushion when travelling in cars or goods vehicles. Children over 3 years of age must travel in a rear seat in vehicles not fitted with safety belts. Rear-facing child car seats must NEVER be used in the front passenger seat of cars with an active airbag. Drivers have a legal responsibility to ensure passengers aged under 17 use the correct seat, booster seat, booster cushion or seatbelt.


Collision Damage Insurance (CDW): This product limits your financial liability for damage to the Irish Car Rentals vehicle, its parts and accessories, except theft, attempted theft or vandalism, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. The cover is subject to an insurance excess - (see detail under the heading CDW Excess - Excess Liability). If you have chosen a rate that excludes CDW, you are liable for the full value of the vehicle and a minimum deposit of EURO 2000 will be required on collection of the vehicle. Alternatively CDW cover may be purchased locally at a cost of EURO 17.00 to EURO 19.00 per day depending on the vehicle group.

CDW Excess - Excess Liability: If you choose a rate inclusive of CDW insurance, a CDW Excess will apply at all times. All rentals are subject to liability excess, ranging from EURO 1,200 to EURO 2,000 (depending on the vehicle group rented) for which you are responsible in the event of damage to the Irish Car Rentals vehicle during the rental.

Super Damage Waiver Insurance (SDW): If you opt for CDW cover, you may also wish to purchase an additional protection, Super Damage Waiver Insurance (SDW) to reduce the already limited liability in case of damage to the Irish Car Rentals vehicle. SDW reduces your excess liability to EURO 0 for a charge of EURO 17.03 to EURO 19.30 per day depending on the vehicle class. Tyre damage is not covered for car class PDAR.

Windscreen Cover (WINDINS): If you opt for CDW cover and decide not to reduce the overall excess you may wish to purchase windscreen cover as the windscreen, wing mirrors and glass are the items most often damaged. This insurance covers all of the above and can be purchased at a cost of EURO 5.00 per day on all vehicles.

Theft Loss Insurance: This insurance option limits your financial liability for loss or theft of the Irish Car Rentals vehicle, its parts and accessories, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. If Theft is not included in the rate you have chosen it is available locally at EURO 7.00 to EURO 9.00 per day depending on the vehicle class.

Personal Benefits Membership (PBM): is available for EURO 6.00 per day on all vehicles. This insurance covers the driver for personal injuries or fatality up to the sum of EURO 31,750.

Damage to Vehicles: A damage report must be completed by the driver for any damage to the vehicle, however minor it is. If a collision occurs, a Garda (police) report and case number must also be supplied when returning the vehicle. We strongly advise clients to contact us immediately in the event of any damage. If this procedure is not followed, the insurance cover could become invalidated, leaving clients liable for all damage.


Methods of Payment: Irish Car Rentals accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. The credit card must be in the name of the main driver and must be produced on arrival. We regret we can not accept Switch cards, debit cards, cash or the credit card of a third party. At the time of the rental there must be sufficient funds on the card to cover the entire cost of the rental. This includes the insurance excess amount should you decline our excess waiver insurance on collection of the vehicle. Holders of a 'Chip and Pin' credit card must know their PIN number.

Deposits: A specified deposit will be charged to your credit card when you make your booking. This will be detailed on the booking page. Any balance due will be charged at time of pick up in EURO. Bookings for pick up within the next 90 days require full prepayment at time of booking.

Cancellations/No-shows: 15% of the rental cost is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
If you have taken out cancellation protection we will then refund your deposit in full except for the cancellation protection costs. In the event that the booking is not cancelled in advance of the pick up date then a no-show fee will apply.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: (which may apply)

Location Surcharge: When you are picking up your vehicle a "Location Surcharge" may apply. If applicable this surcharge will be shown on the booking form, your booking confirmation and also on your e-mail confirmation.

Barrier Free Motoring: Irish Car Rentals will charge your credit card a fee of EURO 4.93 for cars and EURO 5.33 for commercial vehicles each time you pass through the toll plaza on the M50 motorway. All other toll charges are the responsibility of the renter and must be paid as you enter or exit the toll plaza. (For more information regarding toll roads and barrier free motoring please go here: How to deal with the M50 barrier free toll

Speeding, Parking and other Endorsements: Fines for Speeding /Parking Fines and tolls are the responsibility of the hirer in full. Irish Car Rentals accepts no responsibility for any fine or payment and may charge an administration fee for any penalties that are not settled before the end of the rental. The renter is obliged to inform Irish Car Rentals of any fines or parking tickets issued whilst the renter is using the vehicle.

Late fees: - After Hours - Dublin Airport: For collection after 23:00 a late fee of EURO 35.24 applies to all bookings. Shannon Airport: For collection after 22.30 a late fee of EURO 35.24 applies to all bookings. Cork Airport: For collection after 22:00 a late fee of EURO 35.24 applies to all bookings Kerry Airport: For collection after 20:00 a late fee of EURO 35.24 applies to all bookings. Knock Airport: For collection after scheduled opening times a late fee of EURO 35.24 applies to all bookings. (Seasonal variations apply.)

Cross Border Hire - Northern Ireland: Should you wish to drive in the Northern Ireland it is a requirement of rental that you inform Irish Car Rentals that you wish to do so prior to leaving the rental location. There is a nominal EURO 30.00 fee when taking your car into Northern Ireland. Cars can not be taken off the island of Ireland at any stage.


Delayed Arrivals: Please be advised that in the event of a delayed arrival Irish Car Rentals will make every effort to hold your reserved vehicle for as long as possible however where a flight no. has not been provided and we have not been contacted we will regard the booking as a no-show 2 hours from the collection time on the reservation and the vehicle may be released subject to requirements.

Grace Period: Irish Car Rentals allows a 1 hour grace period at the end of your rental. This means on the final day of your rental we allow 1 hours free rental time. Please note that the starting rental time and date indicated on your rental agreement determines the start of your rental. The grace time is counted from that time not the time you actually sit in the rental car and leave our facility. Daily charges apply should the car be returned after the free grace period.

AA Callouts: All Irish Car Rentals rates include 24 hour breakdown cover. Irish Car Rentals reserves the right to add a callout charge to the hirers rental agreement in the event that the callout does not arise from a mechanical fault with the Irish Car Rentals vehicle. Callout charges resulting from incorrect fuel being added to the fuel tank, keys being mislaid or locked into the vehicle, off road recovery and wheel changes due to punctured tyres will be added to the rental costs. The current callout charge is EURO 125 plus VAT.

PLEASE NOTE: Vat is 13.5% in the Republic of Ireland. Your car rental quotation includes VAT. However VAT is applicable on all items not included in the basic car rental cost.

Foreign Currencies: You will be charged for your car rental in EURO - please be advised that foreign currency conversions on our quotation page are given for comparison purposes only.

Irish Car Rentals reserve the right to decline a renter at any stage without recourse.

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